Thursday, June 2, 2011

HEY! Get your hands off my "STIK"!!!!

I keep seeing this all over my Facebook page, and frankly, it makes me sick. For me, it all goes back to privacy and rights. takes my privacy settings and throws them out the window. Once I give them the go-ahead, they run right over me and every one of my FB friends. STIK takes the personality out of FB and gives anyone that creates a STIK user account and is my FB friend (or a friend of a friend) access to my friendlist. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I definately have "friends" on my account that aren't "really" my  FRIENDS. No, I am not talking about you ;). There is that crazy old lady accross from my house that I just can't say no to even though I am sure she has a split personality. There is creepy Uncle Bob that we all try really hard to avoid at every family function, and there is the real creep that my Aunt Sue friended because she plays Farmville with him. So, please excuse me if I wouldn't refer every "friend" on my list to you, your Aunt Betty, and your "creepy Uncle Bob". I would rather keep my friends well protected from the sleazier side of FB.

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