Thursday, October 25, 2012

Together Everyone is a Winner!

Team Players always WIN!

       Carrying a portfolio of business cards with you everywhere you go should be a habit. Having a variety of service providers to help out your circle of influence goes a long way. If you have the cards with you, it makes it easier to be the ‘go to’ person when someone needs help. I have also taken the time to add each service provider into my phone, emails included, this way, when someone needs the information, if I have used the cards I have, I still have their contact info at my disposal.
       Another way to promote other businesses is to engage with social media. Have you found and liked everyone’s Facebook page? Have you friended them? Do you follow them on Twitter? Have you written a recommendation for them on Facebook or LinkedIn? When was the last time you repinned something from their Pinterest account? These are all very good ways to shine light on the businesses that you do business with. Making these practices a part of your everyday routine will give you kudos with your clients for be a resource to them and other businesses for promoting them. Not to mention, it gives you something else to post out there so your audience sees you doing more than selling yourself. It really shows a lot of character when you put others before yourself, but don’t get me wrong, there are many personal benefits as well.