Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fire and Theft and TORNADOS!! OH MY!!

Everyone thinks it will never happen to them until it does. Don't let yourself "get caught with yer britches down". Make sure you have a backup of your backup and then;
1.) Make an excel spreadsheet of every item in your house (and otherwise too) that has  a value of more than $100. Make sure include important info like serial and model number as well as a picture of said item too. If you are the unfortunate soul with one of these horrific events in your future, you will be prepared. If not, you will still be prepared.
2.) Make digital copies of all vital documents. Taxes, Marriage Licenses, Social Security cards, Adoption paperwork, citizenship, birth certificates, a photocopy of each person's ID or DL... you get the picture!! These copies, even thought they are copies will save you a HUGE hassle that you really don't need if you already have "other issues" to deal with.
3.) Take your excel sheet, your digital copies and all your important photos and back them up to two hard drives. put one in a safety deposit box and the other into a fire box at your house.
I know we are all very busy people and this is a very time consuming task, but you can really save yourself some heartache for later if you get it done now while you can.

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