Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting Hacked

It used to be “okay” for the everyday computer user to have a fairly easy to recall password that didn’t involve having a doctorate and a cast-iron, leak proof skull to remember it. Unfortunately, those days are gone.
In today’s world, it is common to have a friend call you and ask “Why are you sending this video link to everyone on Facebook?”. Then you get to find out that you have been hacked . Your Facebook friends are “hacked” as well and your day isn’t getting any better at this rate.
So, to avoid all of these issues, we create a more complex password. NO, you do NOT use your dog’s name. That is not secure either, I promise you have mentioned “pookie” on Facebook somewhere, so they have that one too. No, you need a much sturdier password, one that will pass the unspoken techie geeky tests.
What I recommend is for you to use dates and names combined. Use you anniversary, your son’s birthdate, and your daughter’s nickname. It would read something like 08pumpkin16. (08-anniversary, pumpkin-daughter’s nickname, and 16– son’s birthdate) If you need to make it a bit more clever throw a special character in there like an asterisk or a dollar sign.
The bottom line is that in this day and age, Obama isn’t the only one that needs to use a secure password, and it isn’t like we need to be any smarter than him to accomplish this task either.

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